Capstone Project – The Battle of Neighbourhoods

The purpose of this Project is to help people in exploring better facilities around their neighbourhood. It will help people making smart and efficient decision on selecting great neighbourhood out of numbers of other neighbourhoods in Scarborough, Toronto.

Lots of people are migrating to various states of Canada and needed lots of research for good housing prices and repudiated schools for their children. This project is for those people who are looking for better neighbourhoods. For ease of accessing to Cafe, School, Super market, medical shops, grocery shops, mall, theatre, hospital, like minded people, etc.

This Project aim to create an analysis of features for a people migrating to Scarborough to search a best neighbourhood as a comparative analysis between neighbourhoods. The features include median housing price and better school according to ratings, crime rates of that particular area, road connectivity, weather conditions, good management for emergency, water resources both fresh and waste water and excrement conveyed in sewers and recreational facilities.

It will help people to get awareness of the area and neighbourhood before moving to a new city, state, country or place for their work or to start a new fresh life.

In this project, using k-means cluster algorithm I separated the neighbourhood into 10(Ten) different clusters and for 103 different latitude and longitude from datasets, which have very-similar neighbourhoods around them. Using the charts above results presented to a particular neighbourhood based on average house prices and school rating have been made.

I feel rewarded with the efforts and believe this course with all the topics covered is well worthy of appreciation. This project has shown me a practical application to resolve a real situation that has impacting personal and financial impact using Data Science tools. The mapping with Folio is a very powerful technique to consolidate information and make the analysis and decision better with confidence.

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